Massage Therapy for Kids

In today's fast paced world, kids are overstimulated by technology, stressed by academic and social pressures, social media, and self-imposed expectations, and lead generally busy lives.


Massage Can Help!


Massage can provide a child with an opportunity to UNPLUG from the everyday pressures of life.

Help CALM the body (which may lead to better sleep).

RELIEVE the effects of stress and anxiety (which may improve focus and concentration)

Give a child an increased sense of BODY AWARENESS and tools to care for themselves (which may lead to increased confidence and a better ability to self-regulate).


About Heidi


For over 15 years as a Registered Massage Therapist, Heidi has been using her trusted and gifted hands to help heal those in need in chiropractic clinics, in corporate settings, and in client’s homes. After spontaneous, but clearly fateful, sessions with client’s children, her focus shifted. In realizing that children often have stress and deal with the “always on” nature of life as much as adults do, Heidi saw the need to foster the healthy development of children. Heidi’s passion is guided by a desire to provide children with an opportunity to unplug, understand and accept themselves through massage therapy.

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